Monthly Archives: May, 2014

Southern Comfort

We had quite a day today. Since the weekend was so nice and restful and I had the time to really think through what food I wanted to make this week, I decided to run with the idea of cookin’ up one delicious Southern meal, and you two boys “helped.” Well, like some say, you …

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Operation Relaxation

Dear sons, This may or may not come as a surprise to you in 2030, and in my heart of hearts, I hope it is a huge surprise since that will mean I have reached my goal, but I have struggled for years with anxiety. It’s not fun. It was awful before you came into …

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Nurturing Joy

Hi sons! Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and we had a lovely day. Your dad was out of town for work, and although I would normally have been disappointed about that, I read an article last week that said exactly what I needed to hear — that you, my sons, are the gift and that mothering you …

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