Monthly Archives: January, 2015

Today’s Dad

When I was a child, I had a great dad. He was a wonderful late-20th century dad. He worked hard, was home for dinner, encouraged us when we needed encouragement, and got involved in discipline decisions if there was ever a significant offense, which thankfully for us all, was rare. On the weekends, he spent …

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Christmas 2014

Hi sons! I just received my new iPhone 6. I had to make sure my pictures were transferred over from my old phone and realized I hadn’t done anything with all of our Christmas photos. We took so many good ones, and although I’m avoiding placing our faces on this site for now, I still …

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A Gift for the New Year

Hi sons, Today is the first day of 2015. When I was young and visualized what this year would be like, I was sure we’d be driving/flying our cars and visiting outer space for vacation. Although these things aren’t happening, life is pretty darn awesome. I saw this video about a year ago, and it …

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