Prince 1, The Birthday Boy!

Prince 1,

We had such an amazing weekend celebrating you! Upon your request, we planned a party with a firefighter theme and hired a magician to entertain you and your friends. You all just loved it! It was a great day!

Here are some photos:

photo 1

The spread :)

photo 4

The “flaming sweet peppers” were so easy. I saw a photo of the idea online somewhere and had to do it since it looked simple and so cute. Also, the adorable “fire extinguishers” and straws were designed by Frosting and Ink.

photo 1

The roses were from your dad, who gave them to you to give to me, and it meant so much to me. I decided to make it part of the decorations and added the fire truck bow. The strawberries are “inside out” chocolate strawberries – an idea I got from My Fridge Food, although I can’t find it now. She suggested using an egg carton to let the chocolate cool, and it worked great. Anyway, they were a hit!

photo 5

Gluten free, nut free vanilla and chocolate cupcakes! Paper cups and circular toppers designed by Frosting and Ink, and the adorable fire truck and fire hat toppers were made by Edible Details. I had bought the ribbon a few months ago when I was shopping at Michael’s and realized that it would fit perfectly on the cupcake tower. It was super cute, if I may say so myself. :)

photo 2

firefighter favor bag

Here is one of the favor bags that were filled with a firetruck toy and the goodies that fell out of the fire truck piñata. The sticker and tag were also designed by Frosting and Ink.

I hope you have fond memories of this party. You were so happy, and that made us over-the-moon happy. We are so proud of you and the amazingly kind, gracious, inquisitive, bright, imaginative, loving, and witty little guy that you are. I imagine that with the admirers you have now at the age of 4, you probably don’t know what to do with the many you have as you are reading this in 2030. We love you!



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