Christmas 2014

Hi sons!

I just received my new iPhone 6. I had to make sure my pictures were transferred over from my old phone and realized I hadn’t done anything with all of our Christmas photos. We took so many good ones, and although I’m avoiding placing our faces on this site for now, I still have some wonderful ones that captured great moments. This year, we had your aunt and uncle and your cousins join us, and it was a special Christmas for all of us. Here are our photos. I hope you enjoy them!

Welcome, family!
Welcome, family!
Welcome, family!

Along with spinach dip, I made endives with blue cheese and pear slices from the pears your MiMi and Grandpa Milt sent us from Harry & David’s. Yum! We feasted on that while they all settled in and then had dinner. After dinner, we decorated sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies. This is one that Daddy made for you boys, which you were thrilled with:

Daddy's Spiderman gingerbread man :)
Daddy’s Spiderman gingerbread man 🙂

We had a relaxed Christmas Eve and then went to church. After the Christmas Eve service, Daddy prepared this. Lucky us!

A family tradition for us on Christmas Eve - Daddy's Chinese food!

A family tradition for us on Christmas Eve – Daddy’s Chinese food!

After, we opened one gift (always pajamas, of course) and set this plate out for Santa:

Cookies and veggies for Santa and Rudolf :)
Cookies and veggies for Santa and Rudolf 🙂

You sweet and excited boys went to sleep, and Santa came!



Santa came!
Santa came!

And a picture of our delicious Christmas dinner (turkey, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, brussel sprouts, and cranberry sauce). We ate well, for sure.

Christmas dinner - yum!
Christmas dinner – yum!

It was a splendid Christmas! We then traveled to Chicago for a week to spend time with family there, although we missed the snow! Your favorite parts of that visit were your A-Ma’s cooking (Prince 1, you devoured her hot pot) and our visit to the Field Museum where you saw the dinosaurs. Roar!

I hope you both have the fondest of memories of this past Christmas, and of all your Christmases as kids. We are so lucky to have each other with whom to celebrate!

All my love,


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